Car Extractor FAQ

Why Should I Choose Extractors?

  • • Extractors replace standard exhaust manifolds, providing your vehicle with more power, and more economy.
  • • Typical power increases of 5-15% are common, with even more horsepower increase possible by also fitting a larger bore, free flowing exhaust system

Why Are Extractors Not Fitted as Original Equipment ?

  • • Extractors do not lend themselves to high speed production lines as easily as compact cast iron manifolds
  • • Extractors are slightly more expensive to produce than standard cast iron manifolds

To discuss the best option for your vehicle simply phone your nearest Pit Stop or make a booking online

How Do Extractors Work ?

On a standard engine, burnt exhaust gases are dumped from the combustion chambers (cylinders) into a single piped manifold, which is attached to the exhaust pipe.

This dumping causes turbulence in the manifold since there is not enough space for all the exhaust gases. A higher level of engine back pressure is created, wasting some engine power forcing the exhaust gases through the exhaust system. This increased back pressure reduces the inflow of fresh air and fuel, resulting in fuel combustion efficiency being reduced, causing the engine to run hotter and wear faster.

Extractors provide more pipe volume for high efficiency exhausting and thereby allow a better mix of fuel and air intake.



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