Car sports exhaust systems

Powerful Reasons for Choosing a Sports System

  • • Increased power for towing.
  • • Improved fuel economy.
  • • Helps extend your engine life.
  • • Engines run cooler and more efficiently.
  • • More torque for your 4-wheel-drive.
  • • Ideal for diesel applications.

We can help you to get the most out of your vehicles exhaust system modification. A restrictive exhaust creates too much back pressure in the exhaust system that effects the performance of your vehicle in two ways.

Firstly, the engine has to work harder to force the exhaust gases out of the combustion chamber. Secondly, the engine cannot scavenge burnt exhaust gases out of the combustion chamber efficiently. This leaves exhaust gases in the combustion chamber to dilute incoming air/fuel mixtures and robs your engine of horsepower.

Installing extractors and a sports system allows the exhaust gases to flow freely and reduces back pressure within the exhaust system, This will provide more horsepower and torque by drawing spent exhaust gases out of the combustion chamber through the process known as scavenging. As well as better power and torque, you often get greater fuel economy by reducing back pressure and volumetric efficiency. Here at Pit Stop we can fit a ready made sports system or custom make one to meet your requirements.

Pit Stop install and recommend RPS sports systems.

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