Pit Stop New Zealand is committed to ensuring safe and reliable driving for four-wheel drive owners, while keeping the cost of 4x4 servicing and preventative maintenance down.  

Find out more about our fixed price 4x4 servicing packages (including diesels and vans) from just $239.00 or drop into your local Pit Stop to find out how much you can save on 4x4 servicing.


The Popularity and Range of 4X4s on New Zealand Roads

Four-wheel drive (4x4) vehicles are a hugely popular choice with New Zealand motorists.  Rather than just the trusty old diesel ‘workhorse’ that kept things on the farm moving, 4x4’s now come in a huge range and variety and range of options.   

4X4’s now come in all shapes and sizes with luxurious options from of Audi, VW, BMW and Porsche joining the ever-popular Range Rover at the very high end of the market.   A huge range of well priced, mid-to-low- end 4x4s and SUVs options from the likes of Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Mazda and Honda, have proved very popular in New Zealand, significantly adding to the size of the 4x4 aftersales and 4x4 servicing market.  

Add to this the popularity of ‘utes’ and pick-up trucks, such as the Toyota Hilux with small business, trade services and contractors and you can begin to see why 4x4s of all stripes are so pervasive on New Zealand roads.


4x4 Servicing Costs

Many of us that have been drawn to 4x4’s, (both new and used) by the promise of practicality, spaciousness and other benefits, often discover one of the key downsides of 4x4 ownership, when it comes time to have the vehicle serviced. 

Not only is it not uncommon for a 4x4 to require up to 6-litres of oil (as opposed to up to 4 liters for most cars) but additional system checks and maintenance can also add to the overall cost of a four-wheel drive vehicle service, which can amount to a significant cost premium. 

Vehicle dealership, 4x4 servicing costs are often quite high and more often than should be the case, 4x4 owners will put off having their 4x4 serviced due to cost factors, which may lead to reduced vehicle performance and increased costs down the line. 


The Importance of Regular servicing for 4x4 Vehicles

Regular servicing and preventative maintenance work is particularly important for four-wheel drive vehicles.  The very nature of a 4x4s, means that they have additional mechanical systems and components that require servicing and care to ensure their efficiency and prolong their working life.  By ensuring that your 4x4 is regularly serviced, you are not only improving vehicle safety and reliability, but also increasing the working life of the vehicle and potentially avoiding very expensive unscheduled repairs and maintenance.


Come to Pit Stop for your 4x4, Diesel and Van Servicing

Pit Stop offer fixed priced service packages for 4x4, diesels and vans from as little as $239.00, which includes up to 6-litres of oil, oil filter and a 25 point vehicle check.

To book your 4x4 vehicle service, calls us on 0800 748 786, book online or visit our locations page to find your nearest Pit Stop.


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