Pit Stop is getting behind Men’s Health Week for the second consecutive year with the Men’s Health Pit Stop Free Health Checks.

It’s a sad fact that New Zealand men live on average 4 years less than women. NZ men also have higher rates of strokes, heart diseases and non-gender specific cancers. It’s also a sad fact that 1 New Zealand man dies every 3 hours of a potentially avoidable illness. This is something that we’d like to help change and so we’re sponsoring the ‘Men’s Health Pit Stop’ to help men and address key lifestyle health factors.

Pitstop Men's health Week 2015

We need to find it to fix it

Our Kiwi don’t-brake attitude, unfortunately doesn’t work well with our health. All to many men think that we are pretty bullet proof, invincible and nothing can go wrong with our health; until it catches with us – and that is usually when it’s too late. Men’s Health Week is a reminder to Kiwi blokes to take care of themselves. Just like we do with your car, we would like to do our bit to help you take care of your health. And with Men’s Health Week, we are encouraging regular check ups and a little fine tuning for your best performance and longevity.


How to get started!

Head over to www.menshealthweek.co.nz, check your health Score and Register for a Free Health Checkup Sponsored by Pit Stop.

Let’s take some small steps to a long life!

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