Once again Pit Stop is sponsoring Men’s Health Week to help NZ men take control of their health.  Men’s Health Week started on Monday 8th June and we’re encouraging men to head over to the Men's Health Week website and take the quick online test or drop into 1 of over 250 Life Pharmacies and Unichem Pharmacies for your Free Health Check Centres across NZ.



Why Men’s Health Checkup?

According to Statistics New Zealand, an average New Zealand Man lives 5.3 years less than that of an average Kiwi woman. Men are worse in a wide range of mental and physical health than women. Chances of men to have cancer are 10% higher than women. Chances of Men committing suicide are 3 times higher than Women. The number of men who drink and smoke is way higher than that of women. And 3,000 men die every year because of some preventable disease. And yet men are less likely in seeking help. We all may like to think that, we have perfect and invincible health. Reality is far from that. And most of the time when we start noticing, it’ll already be too late. Like Motor Sport Legend Greg Murphy says, ‘we need regular checkups and fine-tuning to operate in our 100% efficiency’. Men’s Health Week is an excellent opportunity for the detection of any health problems that you may have, so that you can fix it at the earliest. This year’s Men’s health Week Ambassadors include Celebrity Chef Mike Van de Elzen, International Rugby player Tony Marsh, Motorsport Legend Greg Murphy, Former new Zealander of the Year Dr. Lance O’Sullivan, Pharmacist David Bullen and Former All Black Chris Jack.


Let’s Get Checked

There are 250 Pit Stop sponsored Free Health Check Up Centers across New Zealand. Go to the Men’s Health Pit Stop page a to see where’s the nearest Free Health Check Centre to you and what types of check ups are offered. You can get the checkup any day between 8th and 14th June 2015. So get out there and check your Health score. Remember, lower the score, better your health. Early detection is the king. See you all at Men’s Health Week 2015.

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