Your car battery is essential to making sure your vehicle starts every day. It ensures the lights light up, the wipers wipe, and the music plays!

Your battery is charging whenever your car is running but it only has so much life and will eventually need replacing.

Don’t get caught out - batteries always die at the most inconvenient of times! Let Pit Stop check your battery to ensure it won’t let you down- regular servicing of your car by Pit Stop will help prevent you being caught out by a failed battery. Pit Stop have the right battery to suit your car.

Quick guide to car battery types

Calcium batteries

Calcium batteries are the most common battery fitted to vehicles. In these batteries, a small amount of calcium is added to the lead plates to increase durability. Benefits of a calcium battery are;

  • High cold cranking amps
  • Increase shelf and service life
  • Maintenance free

Absorbent glass matt (AGM)

An AGM battery is a high performance battery which is able to endure the increased demand of modern vehicles.

Benefits of an AGM battery include;

  • Higher durability and cycle life when compared to calcium.
  • High charge acceptance which is critical to modern battery management systems.
  • Leak proof and spill proof
  • Excellent starting power- even in a low state of charge
  • Maintenance free

It’s always a good time to think about your battery’s health especially if the battery is over 5 years old or the age is unknown - particularly with imported vehicles. Let Pit Stop test your battery for FREE and recommend the best replacement to suit your vehicle.

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