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Kerikeri Car Servicing
Pit Stop KeriKeri
20 Mill Lane

Please Note Our Holiday Closure Dates Below:

20th December: 8am - 1pm
21st December: Closed
22nd December: Closed
23rd December: 8am to 2pm
24th December: 8am to 2pm
25th December: Closed
26th December: Closed
27th December: Closed
28th December: Closed
29th December: Closed
30th December: 8am to 2pm
31st December: 8am to 2pm
1st January: Closed
2nd January: Closed
3rd January: Closed
4th January: Closed
5th January: Closed
6th January: Open

Your Local Pit Stop Mechanic

If you've been searching online for mechanic Kerikeri, mechanics Kerikeri, Wof Kerikeri or car servicing Kerikeri then you've definitely come to the right place!

The Team at Pit Stop Kerikeri will look after your needs, backed by quality workmanship and comprehensive Pit Stop guarantees.

So give us a call, we'll look forward to hearing from you.

Dylan Menefy
Pit Stop Kerikeri Franchise Owner

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