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Car Exhaust Systems

Looking for great performance and reliability from your exhaust system? Talk to Pit Stop! From exhaust and muffler repair and maintenance through to a new performance exhaust system, you'll find Pit Stop has all your exhaust system needs covered. To arrange a car exhaust system inspection, visit your nearest Pit Stop branch or make a booking online.

Basic Components

  • Front pipe(s) or extractor
  • Front resonator or catalytic converter
  • Intermediate resonator and pipes
  • Main muffler
  • Tail pipe or rear muffler

The Modern Exhaust System

An Article on the Modern Exhaust System * From Radiator Magazine

Reasons For Exhaust Failure

Harsh external environmental conditions - exhaust systems are located beneath a motor vehicle and are subject to damage from stones, dirt, water and other road hazards.

Internally, extreme temperature changes together with a mixture of combustion gases and moisture, cause formation of acids that eat into internal metal surfaces. This corrosion is evident in the form of rust pin holes or cracks.

Driving conditions - a car driven over longer distances with very few stop-starts, will, by and large, enjoy a longer exhaust system life than one driven consistently over short distances with long cooling off periods in between, are when acids tend to collect and corrode metal surfaces.

Warning Signs

  1. When your vehicle makes a louder noise than usual.
  2. When fuel consumption increases or lack of performance is noted.
  3. When rust is visible on exhaust system parts.
  4. When rattles are evident from the exhaust system.
  5. When holes and cracks appear and exhaust gases leak.

Danger Signs

When the smell of fuel or oil odours no matter how slight, are detected within the passenger compartment. The exhaust system could be leaking and lethal carbon monoxide levels building up and you will want to arrange an exhaust repair or replacement.

Reasons for Maintaining Exhausts

Your exhaust system performs several extremely important jobs.

It takes exhaust gases from the engine to the rear of the vehicle, keeping dangerous fumes away from the occupants.

It also keeps engine noise to comfortable levels inside and outside the vehicle.

Exhaust systems are made up of a variety of components, custom designed to fit individual vehicles using pipes and exhaust mufflers which maintain correct back pressure

This in turn enables optimum engine power with minimum fuel consumption

The Single Biggest Causse of Exhaust System Failures

Rust is the biggest cause and it usually works from the inside out. A mixture of water and sulphuric acid in exhaust gases corrode pipes and the internal baffling of the muffler barrel.

Vehicles used for short journeys, tend to corrode their exhaust systems more quickly. In this case, the muffler does not reach high enough temperatures to 'dry out', leaving the water and acid to accelerate the rusting process.

The complete exhaust system is particularly susceptible to damage and wear from the outside environment. Underneath the vehicle, it is exposed to stones, dirt, water, spills and other road hazards. It really does have a tough life. A failing exhaust system will affect your vehicle's performance and you will want to arrange an exhaust repair or replacement to rectify the issue.

To arrange for an inspection of your exhaust system phone your nearest Pit Stop or make a booking online.


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