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Engine Diagnostic Services

At Pit Stop we use advanced vehicle scan tools to report on your vehicle’s systems status.

These reports provide an overview of your vehicle’s general “health”. These tests will show the self-diagnostic fault code information. The vehicle manufacturer has designed fault codes to be stored in your vehicle’s computer memory if components exceed a certain tolerance. When a vehicle’s faults remain undiagnosed they can become worse and may cause serious damage to the vehicle resulting in costly repairs. Our diagnostic process will detect imminent problems which can then be remedied before the problem becomes a major repair, saving you money and inconvenience.

Dashboard warning light on? Not sure what this means?

A simple guide to some of the more common dashboard lights that may illuminate when there is a problem.

Engine oil pressure or level warning light:

The “old school oil can” light (usually either illuminated in red or orange) can be one of two things; either the engine oil is running low or the engine has lost oil pressure. If this warning light is staying on, you need to have your local Pit Stop store take a look immediately.

Engine check light:

The “engine check” light is one of the most commonly seen dashboard lights as it lights up for any faults related to your ECU (computerised engine control unit), engine or exhaust system. Depending on the issue, the car may still drive perfectly but you should have it diagnosed by our tech savvy technicians - we’ll run a diagnostic check and from the data retrieved advise on the best course of action to remedy the fault.

Engine temperature indication lights:

These lights are now more common, replacing the traditional temperature gauge. A blue light will normally illuminate when the vehicle temperature is cold or still warming up and switches off when normal operating temperature is reached.

If the light is illuminated red or blinking it’s an indication that the cooling system is above the desired operating temperature threshold - when this occurs you need to get your car to a Pit Stop service store as soon as possible - continuing to drive could result in serious engine damage.

Regular servicing is the best way to keep those warning lights from making frequent appearances!

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Pricing for all ezy services is based on an oil quantity of between 4.5-7 litres of high quality motor oil ranging from 10w30 to 5w30 grade fully synthetic. We have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible with our ezy service pricing to cover most vehicles, however, given the large variety of models and specifications, at times, additional charges may apply. These could include additional or specialty oil and oil filters above the RRP price allowed within the service.

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