Here at Pit Stop you and your family’s safety when driving your vehicle is paramount to us. Driving a safe and reliable vehicle gives you with peace of mind for any journey you embark on.

One of the misconceptions regarding hybrid and ev servicing is that they require no or little maintenance, it is accepted that whilst a hybrid or ev vehicle requires less maintenance than a conventionally powered vehicle, to ensure safe, reliable and efficient running our recommendation is to have your hybrid or ev serviced every 10,000km or once a year (whichever occurs first).

We have designed two specific vehicle maintenance services to ensure your hybrid or ev continues to provide you with reliable motoring both now and into the future.

Our hybrid and ev service trained technicians have both the knowledge and tools to ensure your vehicle is kept running safely, reliably and efficiently.

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Electric vehicle quick tips and related articles


To preserve your electric vehicle battery life we recommend; 


  • Overnight trickle charging
  • Limit the number of heavy fast charges
  • Try to avoid rapid acceleration /deceleration
  • Keep the vehicle cool- in summer try to park the vehicle in shade where practical


Nationwide charging stations

A national network of public fast chargers are being installed by Chargenet and slow charging stations are being made available by other organisations.

Fast charging network:

Slow charging network:

News and articles

Here’s a selection of articles and newsfeeds with the latest happenings in the ev and hybrid worlds.
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Regular servicing is the best way to keep your ev or hybrid running efficiently!



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