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Welcome to Pit Stop Onehunga where you’ve come to the right place!

Pit Stop Onehunga offers high quality and highly competitive car servicing and car repairs and we are very proud to be servicing customers across South Auckland

In addition to our full range of car servicing and car repair services, we offer Warrant of Fitness (WOF) checks and specialize in brake, exhaust and suspension repairs and services. Call the phone number below or drop into Pit Stop Onehunga today to see how our team can help you or organize a Free safety check for your vehicle


Onehunga Car Servicing
Pit Stop Onehunga
45 Princes St


Phillip Edgecombe


Monday: 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday: 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday: 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday: 08:00 - 17:00
Friday: 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Phone : 09 636 8099
Fax : 09 636 7239

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Engine Management and Diagnostic Services

Pit Stop Onehunga have highly trained technicians to carry out all engine management diagnostic services. The computer technical equipment our workshops carry, can locate all engine light fault codes and repair as necessary.

The Team at Pit Stop Onehunga will look after your needs, backed by quality workmanship and comprehensive Pit Stop guarantees.

So give us a call, we'll look forward to hearing from you.

Phillip Edgecombe
Pit Stop Onehunga Franchise Owner

Customer Feedback


The team are so friendly and efficient - there are no surprises and they contact you before doing any additional work required.

- Prue


I liked very much attantion of staff members. They are very caring people. I truly appriciate that. Staff members are very quolifed and professional. Thank you for that.

- Nick


Getting my own car back and clean inside and smelling great as the courtesy car been the pit stop vehicle with smaller than normal steering wheel resulted in some embarrassing moment when turning as horn kept going off. Friendly reception and helpful when she mentioned the air filter and I said if they had got hold of me I would have told them to do it very helpful in organising that while I waited was fantastic

- Robyn


Fast and very efficient

- John


Friendly and professional service. Very thorough and efficient. Nice and easy to deal with.

- Scott


The service was great, they did an excellent job

- Jackie


Prompt, efficient, friendly service. Good explanations of what was wrong and what was required to fix. Handy location, good documentation (receipt etc). Used Pit Stop recently for WOF and another minor issue with my car.

- Terence


Was extremely happy with the service and price for the job would highly recommend Pit Stop Onehunga to others.

- Sheree


Good honest service. very clear

- Jawand


Jens customer service was very inviting and the mechanics were on to it and efficient when handling my car I recommend this company to any customer because they deliver excellent service 10/10

- Junior


I liked their honest opinion and quick work.



Fast and friendly service. Job was exactly what I asked for. 



Quick, friendly service.




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